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Software and Billing Services designed for your Caregiver Registry.

Compliance is at the heart of what we do - while helping you supercharge your growth.

Ally has it all: Scheduling, EVV mobile app, payment processing, and powerful functionality that helps protect you in the event of a potential DOL audit.

We collect all the payments and disperse to caregivers to help maintain compliance.


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How It Works

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Official sponsor and recommended software solution of the Private Care Association.

What We Do

Ally is the only company that offers technology and billing services for home care registries. It helps
- Win more referrals with CRM
- Safely stores client and caregiver schedules & records
- Collect payments from clients via timeclock/EVV
- Pays caregivers under our entity (not yours!), and submits tax reporting

All while helping keep your registry profitable and compliant.  


What We Do

All-In-One Scheduling, Electronic Visit Verification, Payment Processing, and Caregiver Payment Solution designed for Home Care Registries

We understand the complexities of home care registries and have designed easy-to-use, compliance-facilitating software for you. Ally is more than just a software: we are an extension of your back office that helps your business focus on growth.


Powerful features to help you run your home care registry.

Schedule Care

  • Complete Scheduling System

  • Assign and Manage Care Plans

  • Manage Recurring Visits

  • Drag and Drop Schedule Changes

  • Easily Filter Clients & Caregivers

  • Customize Rates for Specific Schedules

  • Search Caregiver Availability


Verify Care

  • Electronic Visit Verification via GPS and Telephony

  • Eliminates Fraud, Fudging and Leakage

  • Simple, clean user interface

  • No Unique ID Codes for Caregivers to Memorize

  • Easy for Caregivers to Learn and Use

  • Video Tutorials & Documentation Available


Process Payments

  • Ally will process all client charges via Credit Card or ACH

  • Ally's processing insulates the Registry and reduces the risk of being labeled the employer by the DOL

  • Reposition in house labor from billing to marketing and sales

  • Easily view all Pending and Completed Charges

  • Manage credit card expirations

  • Send and track the status of insurance claims directly through Ally's integrated claims submission platform


Pay Caregivers & Registry

  • Ally pays your caregivers each week

  • Registry is paid their referral fees each week

  • Payments sent via direct deposit - we are paperless!

  • Payments can be sent to pre pay cards if caregiver does not have bank account


Stay Connected

  • Client portal to view all care details and pay statements

  • Caregiver portal to see all shifts worked and all payments received

  • Call and text message support for registries to stay connected to their clients and caregivers

  • Prebuilt reports for state and federal audits

  • Activity reports to see all care details and empowering the registry owner to make more informed business decisions


If (or when!) the DOL comes knocking, you've got a trusted partner by your side.

Running a registry requires careful understanding of the compliance landscape around operating with 1099 employees.

We know that.

We provide a software platform that takes care of your general workflow and administrative needs while at the same time providing services that help mitigate the chance of being classified as an employer.

Your Clients Deserve Better

Are you billing clients directly, using the two check system, or using a third party payment processor?

We will automate your client payments and provide a 40% cost savings on payment processing. Our automated weekly process removes the burden on your clients while ensuring a healthy cash flow and collection cycle for your registry.

Our client portal provides clients and their families with full visibility of care details so they can see how Mom and Dad are doing 24x7x365.

Leveraging Technology to Eliminate Mistakes

Unlike our competitors, Ally is 100% paperless. We leverage technology to eliminate mistakes caused by paper timesheets and data entry.

We are the first all-in-one software platform designed for home care registries that will streamline the operations of your registry. Ally provides direct cost savings and allows you to repurpose in house labor away from billing and collections to sales and marketing to grow your registry!

Get Started, with no start up fee.

Join the Ally movement and see for yourself why our software is the perfect fit for home care registries.

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