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Electronic Visit Verification to Verify Care for You and Your Loved Ones

  • Eliminate fraud, leakage and abuse

  • Ensure caregivers are at the service address when performing care

  • Eliminate fraudulent claims and decrease claims cost


Eliminate Paper Timesheets and the Fraud, Leakage and Abuse associated with them!

Ally's Caregiver Mobile App is a simple and easy to use interface even for the least tech savvy caregiver.

Caregiver Mobile App

  • Verify GPS location at the time of care

  • Simple, easy to use digital time card

  • Electronic signature for insurance claims

  • Digital submission of care data


Smart Telephony

  • No pin codes to remember

  • Know if the caregiver is in the client's home

  • Track ADLs, time and progress of the client

  • State and LTC insurance carrier approved

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Empower your caregivers while verifying care and eliminating fraud.


Simply connect to the internet and unlock ChartPath from anywhere at any time


Digital time and activity submission 24x7x365


Unlimited connectivity options to EHR’s and third party products

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Simple and easy-to-use interface even for the least tech saavy caregiver


Custom plug-in apps to meet your client’s needs


Available to download on the iOS and Google Play stores


User specific dashboard tracking all phases of the revenue cycle

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Real time exception tracking for unverified visits


Unlimited options, real-time, customized favorites, or create on the fly

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Push notifications for the caregiver to constantly stay in the loop


One click is better than four clicks to affect change

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Offline visit capture in case there is no internet


Ability to do more with fewer resources

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Open API to easily integrate with existing software systems


Create your look and write your rules

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