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Connected Services

Along with being the only software designed specifically for registries, Ally has a network of partnerships aimed to ensure your business has access to a suite of tools that will give your business a competitive edge. From access to compliant background checks to occupational accident insurance, Ally’s Connected Services bring industry-leading solutions within your registry’s reach.

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Featured Partners

Ally is always working to expand our partner network to bring the best Connected Services to our registry network. 

TFG Insurance exclusively provides Occupational Accident Insurance policies to independent contractors insuring them against injury or death while performing their services. Ally is uniquely positioned to facilitate the weekly deduction of those premiums for the caregivers at no additional cost.
ScreeningOne Provides compliant screening and background checks featuring one of the industry’s most extensive networks of record sources in the industry. ScreeningOne prides itself on providing holistic insights to the next caregiver you refer, tailored to the needs of your clients. 

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